V3 Ventilator

Product Name: V3 Ventilator

V3 is a turbine based respiratory support platform that can handle a variety of scenarios, including bedside ventilation and intra-hospital transport.
The interface is simple and intuitive and can be easily mastered by caregivers without complicated training.
Comprehensive ventilation modes, covering critical and subcritical respiratory therapy for adult/pediatric patients.
High- performance corepower unit with durability and ultra-high speed flow and stable ventilation to meet various demands for respiratory support
COVID-19 Respiratory Management for Coronavirus Pneumonia.
Multifunctional Ventilator.
Safe and Stable Intra- hospital Emergency Transport.
Easy- to- disassemble trolley.
Small and lightweight mainframe.
Built-in high-capacity lithium battery.

Professional and Efficient Critical Care:

O2 therapy- monitoring- weaning
Non-invasive therapy ( NIV and O2 therapy)- Outstanding leakage compensation, Ultra-silent turbine,Smart synchronized breathing.
Invasive therapy ( bedside intubation)-Comprehensive ventilation modes, Weaning instructions.
Monitoring (assessment of respiratory status)-Extensive monitoring parameters,Intuitive waveform & parameter display.

Extensive Respiratory Management:

It fully supports the various treatment needs of ICU, PACU, RICU, EICU, PICU and other wards.

Ventilation modes:

Invasive ventilation mode:V-A/C,V-SIMV, P-A/C, P-SIMV, CPAP/PSV.

Non-invasive ventilation mode:P- A/C, P- SIMV, CPAP/PSV, High flow oxygen therapy.

Respiratory Respiration Assisting tools:

Assisted ventilation: Manual breathing, Exhalation- hold, Inhalation- hold, Nebulizer, Oxygen enrichment (+O2), Sputum suction

Smart ventilation:Compliance compensation, Leakage compensation, IntelliSynTec, Apnea ventilation mode.

Monitoring function:

Waveform monitoring: P-T waveform, F-T waveform, V-T waveform, P-V loop, F-V loop,F-P loop, Wavefrom chart, Wavefrom chart.

High Performance Power Unit:

V3 features well- designed double valves and high-performance turbines to ensure efficient operation of the ventilation.
V3 is designed in strict accordance with the environmental standards of the transport ventilators, and has better durability than conventional ventilators.
Dual valves for inhalation and exhalation.
Both valves can be disassembled for more thorough cleaning.
Quick disassembly without tools.
Support 134℃ high temperature and high- pressure sterilization.
Outstanding durability.
The high- performance turbine provides high-flow rate ventilation of up to 210 L/min to meet the respiratory therapy needs of critically ill patients.
With a turbine life of up to 20,000 hours, no short- term maintenance or replacement is required.
The V3 screen can be flipped freely to the best viewing angle for the most comfortable operating experience.
It only takes two steps to adjust ventilation parameters.




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