Anesthesia AX-700

Product Name:  Anesthesia AX-700

Care for Patient • anaesthetist • hospital: 12.1″ Touch screen, workbench illumination, flowmeter backlight, precise anesthesia ventilator, advanced ventilation modes, suitable for surgery from low to high risk, simple to complex, pediatric to obese patient; Nowadays improving the efficiency of healthcare workers is especially important along with the rise of patients ; Bilanx is your better choice in anesthesia field.

l  Rivaled the ICU ventilators in quality, full range of ventilation modes to meet requirements for different high-risk surgeries;
l  PSV and SIMV provide perfect weaning solution; reduce ventilator fighting and the need for sedation or narcosis.
l  PEEP can be maintained regardless of the ventilation mode and supports real-time visual display.

l  ★From appearance design, operation system to AGSS, ACGO, high temperature sterilization, anesthesia Information System, The Bilanx not only provides state-of-the-art therapy solution, but also Optimize the workflow base on user’s requirement; Equipped with our C90 modular monitor to achieve seamless connection of patient’s monitoring information.

l  ★12.1 inch touch screen, simply user interface for fast operating control.
l  Speed startup, self check,automatic leakage test, central brake system, CO2 by-pass, innovative Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet (ACGO) provide you more perfect workflow and distinctive clinical operation experience.

l  Compactable, Neat and elegant.
l  ★Rotatable drawer with larger capacity, larger table.
l  Integrated parameter and cable management.
l  Integrated breathing circuit system, built-in flow sensors.
l  Suitable for major, medium and minor operation.




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