Prokan PE-6100

Product Name: Prokan PE-6100

  • 20 parameters and 3 color histograms ( WBC, RBC, PLT ) display With three sample modes: Venous, Capillary and pre-diluted, accurately detect the following 20 parameters in any mode: (WBC, LYM#, MID#, GRAN#, LYM%, MID%, GRAN%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-SD, PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT, P-LCR.)
  • Large color 8.4” LCD display with the test items, reference value and three histograms
  • More than 60 samples per hour, operable 24 hours a day, auto sleeping and waking- up functions
  • High precision microanalysis technology, Low consumption of blood sample volume : Venous 9.6 μ L, Capillary 9.6 μ L, Per-diluted 20 μ L for twice
  • Storage capacity: 12,000 sample results inclusive of histograms
  • Automatically cleaning sample needle ( inside and outside)
  • Intelligent auto detection and Maintenance functions
  • Color Windows operating system, graphical buttons, supporting mouse operation
  • High voltage zap with monitor in real time, recoil flush technology
  • Double convolution and intelligent fitting technology to ensure the accuracy of PLT counting
  • Intelligent float discriminator, manual adjustment
  • Automatic alarm for inadequate reagents and fully enclosed reagent tubing
  • 8 groups of reference values for manual selection or auto selection
  • Adjustable sample needles, suitable for various sample collection container



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