ZQ-1206 Digital Six Channel ECG

Product Name: ZQ-1206 Digital Six Channel ECG

Standard/Cabrera 12-Leads 7” LCD Color Screen

  • 7” High-resolution Color LCD Screen
  • Simultaneously 12-Leads Acquisition
  • AC: 220V±10% , 50Hz/60Hz
  • DC: Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Data Storage: Max. 500 sets
  • Paper Size: 112mm×20m, thermal roll paper
  • ZQ-1206 ECG Machine (with battery) Patient Cable
  • Chest Electrodes Limb Electrodes
  • Simultaneously 12-Leads Acquisition Manual/auto 3CH, 3CH+1R, 3CH+2R,6CH, 6CH+1R display.
  • Manual/auto 6-Channels Simultaneously-
  • Printing (without distortion)
  • Electrode Disconnection Alarm (Diagram) Automatic measurement & analysis 5minutes arrhythmia analysis.
  • Security type: Ⅰtype CF

ZQ-1206 Digital Six Channel ECG




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