MSA99 Spirometer


Vital Capacity Test,Forced Vital Capacity Test,Maximum Voluntary Ventilation Test.
Bronchodilator Test.
Meet the ITS, NIOSH, ERS and DIAGNOSIS standard
Multi-language display and measurement report
With precision flow sensor, easy to clean and sterilize, long-term durability
5.7″ 320 x 240 dots LCD, memory capacity 300 measurement records
Built-in precise 110mm thermal printer.
Small size, light weight and easy to carry.
It can be connected to PC station through USB port, performing a pulmonary function test directly with PC station, also thousands of measurement records can be stored.
PC workstation supports the measurement and post-bronchodilator test.
PC workstation supports mulit-language display and report printing.
Support prediction equation for different races, including ITS, ECGS, KNUDSON, MORRIS/DOLGAR prediction equations.


VC: Vital Capacity
ERV: Expiratory Reserve Volume.
IRV: Inspiratory Reserve Volume.
TV: Tidal Volume.
IC: Inspiratory Capacity.
FVC: Forced Vital Capacity.
FEV0.5: Forced Expiratory Volume in 0.5s.
FEV1.0: Forced Expiratory Volume in 1s.
FEV3.0: Forced Expiratory Volume in 3s.
FEV1.0%G: Forced Expiratory Volume in 1s/Forced Vital Capacity.
FEV1.0%T: Forced Expiratory Volume in 1s/Vital Capacity.
FEV3.0%G: Forced Expiratory Volume in 3s/Forced Vital Capacity.
FEV3.0%T: Forced Expiratory Volume in 3s/Vital Capacity.
Vext: Volume of Expiration.
Ex Time: Expiratory Time.
MMF: The maximum mid-expirator flow, same as MMEF
PEF: Peak Expiratory Flow.
MEF75: Maximum Expiratory Flow when 75% FVC remains, same as FEF25.
MEF50: Maximum Expiratory Flow when 50% FVC remains, same as FEF50.
MEF25: Maximum Expiratory Flow when 25% FVC remains, same as FEF75.
FIVC: Forced Inspired Vital Capacity.
FIV0.5: 0.5s Forced Inspired Volume.
FIV1.0: 1s Forced Insipred Volume.
FIV1.0/FVC: Forced Inspired Volume in 1s/Forced Vital Capacity.
FIV1.0/FIVC: Forced Inspired Volume in 1s/Forced Inspired Vital Capacity.
PIF: Peak Inspiratory Flow.



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